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Topper Toy Company, makers of Johnny Seven OMA





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the Johnny Seven King

The Topper Toy Company was originally known as The DeLuxe Reading Corporation, and was located in Elizabeth NJ.  They made some fantastic toys for both boys and girls.  The boy toys usually were called Johnny, as in Johnny Lightning, Johnny Astro, Johnny Express,  and my personal favorite, Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army). 


The bottom picture is me opening my Johnny 7 gun on Christmas morning, 1966. (My jealous sister is looking on),   You may notice Topper changed the box to what was called the "shadow box".  It was orange, and the gun was visible through a cellophane wrap.  Perhaps it was a cheaper way of packaging?  Anyway, I have one of these in my collection as well.


I have owned over 500 of these great guns, and am constantly looking to buy and sell.   I own everything you see on this website, and a LOT more.  If you are interested in a specific Topper Toy, or have one you would like to sell, please let me know.  I also have a brand new, never opened Johnny 7 gun, in the original box. It has never been removed from the insert, and is as nice as the day it left the factory.  I also have Johnny Express items, and Johnny Lightning items, including two beautiful Indy 500 sets. 

If you have any Topper Toys and would like to sell them, please contact me. I am always in the market for any of the guns, especially if they are in the box.

Please email me if you would like any further info:


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